What is it?

A community orchard is an open to all green space where the community maintains and shares in the bounty of an orchard.  It’s a space where you can grab an apple on the way to school, or some plums to make your own plum jam!

Where is it?

You’ll find the Crosstown Community Orchard on Mobberley Road, behind the layby near before Travis Perkins. It’s easy to reach on foot from the town centre / Crosstown area and there is limited parking in the layby too.

Can I get involved?

You can help put the ‘community’ in community orchard. Sign up to our mailing list to receive details of volunteering opportunities – such as helping to plant the trees!

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Latest news

We welcomed the new year with a Wassail in the orchard. As dusk fell at four o’clock on Saturday, our community gathered for food, drink […]
We gathered with anticipation as the light dimmed on the Moor on Friday evening. Our guide for the night was Adam Linnet from the Cheshire […]
Our orchard will be serving up soft fruits this summer after volunteers planted the new fruit bed this weekend (30th April). Last year orchard volunteers […]
We held a winter pruning workshop at the orchard on Sunday morning, 26th February, led by Dan Hasler, a local orchard expert. Dan explained how […]
Crosstown Community Orchard Map

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