About the Charity

Crosstown Community Orchard is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) registered with the Charity Commission number 1191549. The charity was created in September 2020 with the main aim of creating a new community orchard in Knutsford.

The charity has two charitable objects:


To encourage for the benefit of the public the conservation, protection and expansion of a Community Orchard in Knutsford and the preservation of its genetic biodiversity.


To advance the education of the public in horticulture and in particular but not exclusively orchard management skills.

The charity is managed by up to seven trustees. Our constitution allows Knutsford Town Council to nominate one of the trustees.  


Crosstown Community Orchard is a registered charity governed by a board of trustees.

Adam Keppel-Green (Chairman)

Adam lives on nearby Manor Crescent and was the originator of the idea for the community orchard. He is also the Chairman of Friends of the Moor and works as Town Clerk at Knutsford Town Council.

Adam’s favourite apple is a Red Delicious.

Malcolm Thomas (Treasurer)

Malcolm is semi-retired having spent 45 years in construction and property; he has lived in Knutsford since 1994. Malcolm is a volunteer with the Cheshire Wildlife Trust and in 2019 launched ‘Knutsford Town Amongst the Trees’ a project designed to protect and enhance tree cover in Knutsford.

Malcolm’s favourite apple is the Russet.

Laura Chandler

Laura lives on Mallard close backing onto the orchard. She is a keen vegetable gardener and cook. Laura has been a carer for a number of local residents and loves hearing about the history of Knutsford.

Laura’s favourite apple is a Bramley – for cooking with!

Lesley Dalzell

Lesley is the Knutsford Town Council appointed representative. She has been a councillor for Over Ward since 2019. Lesley is retired, has seven grandchildren living locally, and is a school governor for Manor Park School.

Lesley’s favourite apple is a Golden Delicious.

Kevin Griffiths

Kevin lives near The Heath. He is retired from a career in Information Technology and indulges his love of nature by being a volunteer with the Cheshire Wildlife Trust and a trustee of Friends of The Heath.

Kevin’s favourite apple is the Bramley (for the pies, of course)

Lyndsey Keppel-Green

Lyndsey lives on Manor Crescent and is a freelance wildlife illustrator. She is passionate about wildlife, conservation and caring for the environment.

Lyndsey’s favourite apple is a Granny Smith.

Joanna Moonan

Joanna also lives on Mallard close backing onto the orchard. She works in professional and vocational education and is an animal enthusiast – she loves watching the local wildlife!

Joanna’s favourite apple is Crab Apple – for making lovely tart jam with!